2019 APRIL

1000m² · 100 Setups

The MIXUP is back for a third round with 12 solo tournaments !

This FGC meeting has become one of those dates you can’t miss for fighting games in Europe and provides an outstanding experience for players since 2017. Wether you are a rookie player or the true beast of your neighbourhood, join us and the FGC the 20th and 21st of April to celebrate fighting games!

Tekken Grand Battle
Street Fighter V : Arcade Edition
SoulCalibur VI
Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2
BlazBlue : Cross Tag Battle
Super Street Fighter 2X - Grand Master Challenge
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Dead or Alive 6
Ultra Street Fighter VI: AE
Vampire Savior
Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]

Tekken Grand Battle

 SOLO 256 slots
#TGB   PS4

Sharpen your korean backdashes and join to fight the highest level of Tekken 7 at the TGB! (TWT Master)

Street Grand Battle

 SOLO SFV/2X - 256/64 slots
#SGB   PS4 & Arcade

For this 5th edition, SSF2TURBO is back on original japanese arcade cabinets and SFVAE (CPT Premier) is played on PS4.

Soul Sword Battle

 SOLO 128 slots
#SSB   PS4

SoulCalibur VI is back: let’s slice through the fight to determine who is the swords and rings master!

DoA Throwdown

 SOLO 80 slots
#DAT   PS4

Come and get your shot of FGC Core Values at the very first European major of Dead Or Alive 6 (DOA6WCS)!

Dragon Grand Battle

 SOLO 64 slots
#DGB   PS4

Load up your ki and defend your universe by joining the Dragon Grand Battle!

Guilty Gear Grand Battle

 SOLO 48 slots
#3GB   PS4

Warm up your Roman Cancels: the Guilty Gear Grand Battle is back for a 3rd edition!

Blaz Grand Battle

 SOLO 32 slots
#BGB   PS4

This is the 2nd edition of the BGB with a solo tournament on BlazBlue : Cross Tag Battle!

Side Events

 SOLO 24/32 Slots
  PS4 & Arcade

The MIXUP offers 4 side events on USF4 & UNIST (PS4), VAMPIRE SAVIOR & GAROU MOTW (ARCADE) as solo tournaments!


Registration is now closed: no pass will be sold on site. Thank you for your understanding.

WARNING ! To participate in any tournament as a minor person, you must print/fill the participation authorization for a minor person and bring it with you in order to participate to the tournament. This document is available for download in the rules section.

Until feb. 24
Early Birds
Until mar. 24
Standard RegistrationRegistr.
Until apr. 7
Late RegistrationRegistr.
Until apr. 14
Emergency RegistrationRegistr.
23€ 28€ 33€ 43€
Major Tournament Side Event
5€ 2€

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Complete event schedule available by following this link. Warning: the tournament schedule is subject to change until Emergency Registration ends.

The Venue

The Espace 140 is located in one of the towns of the Grand Lyon: 291 Rue d'Athènes, 69140 Rillieux-la-Pape, France. For more information on how to get to the venue and finding an hotel, please click the PRACTICAL INFORMATIONS button.