1000m² / 2 days / 7 tournaments

The MIXUP is back for a second round and offers 7 tournaments on both console & arcade !

Tekken 7 : Tekken World Tour Master event (PS4)
Street Fighter V : Capcom Pro Tour Ranking event (PS4)
Dragon Ball Fighterz (PS4)
Guilty Gear Xrd REV2 : Road to REVO (PS4)
BlazBlue : Cross Tag Battle : Road to REVO (PS4)
Ultra Street Fighter IV (PS4)
Super Street Fighter II X - Grand Master Challenge (Arcade)

Tekken World Tour
Master Event

BlazBlue & GGXRD
Road to REVO

Capcom Pro Tour
Ranking event

Road to
Tournament of Legends

Tekken Grand Battle

 SOLO 192 slots
#TGB2K18   Playstation 4
 5.000$ (2500$/1250$/750$/500$) + 300 TWT PTS

Sharpen your korean backdash and challenge top players on Tekken 7 during the Tekken Grand Battle, Master event of the Tekken World Tour.

Street Grand Battle

 SOLO 2X/USFIV/SFV : 32/32/128 slots
#SGB2K18   Playstation 4 & Arcade
 € : 60%/30%/10% + 150 CPT PTS (SFV),

For its 4th edition the SGB diversifies! In addition to SFV AE (CPT ranking) and USF4, the SGB proposes an arcade solo tournament on 2X !

Dragon Grand Battle

 SOLO 128 slots
#DGB2K18   Playstation 4
 € : 60%/30%/10% of total registrations

Charge your KI and defend your Universe at the Dragon Grand Battle !

Guilty Gear Grand Battle

 SOLO 64 slots
#3GB2K18   Playstation 4
 € : 60%/30%/10% of total registrations

Heat the Roman cancel! The Guilty Gear Grand Battle is back and this year will be part of ROAD to REVO organized by Pqube.

Blaz Grand Battle

 SOLO 64 slots
#BGB2K18   Playstation 4
 € : 60%/30%/10% of total registrations

The new tittle from Arcsys BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is invited to the party! The BGB will be part of ROAD to REVO organized by Pqube.

PASS Until July 1st Until August 16 From August 16
THE MIXUP Pass 21,99€ 26,99€ 31,99€
TOURNAMENT Single price
Each tournament 5,99€

Step 1: Purchase your tickets:

WARNING: Competitor pass is mandatory for any player who registers for at least one tournament. The Spectator pass gives you access for entire week-end.

Step 2 : Create a Smash.gg account:

If you don't have a Smash.gg account, please create one by following this link: you will be manually added to the tournament's page. Attendees list will be made public 15 days before the event.

This schedule is subject to change at any time: for fresh updates, please be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. The venue opens at 9.30 am each day.

Saturday September 8th

  • 10.30 am 04.00 pm SFV SOLO
  • 11.00 am 02.30 pm 2X SOLO
  • 11.30 am 04.30 pm GGXRD REV2 SOLO
  • 03.00 pm 06.00 pm USF4 SOLO
  • 03.00 pm 11.00 pm T7 SOLO
  • 03.30 pm 10.00 pm DBFZ SOLO
  • 06.30 pm 10.30 pm BBTAG SOLO

Sunday September 9th

  • 09.30 am 2X FINALS
  • 10.30 am DBFZ FINALS
  • 11.30 am GGXRD REV2 FINALS
  • 12.30 pm BBTAG FINALS
  • 01.30 pm USF4 FINALS
  • 02.00 pm T7 FINALS
  • 05.00 pm SFV FINALS

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